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Saturday night at the Minnesota Book Awards was an exciting world of writers and readers and booklovers celebrating the best of Minnesota’s books. If you weren’t there (and want to capture some of the feeling), pour yourself a glass of champagne and read the following blow-by-blow reporting as tweeted live by attendants from three different organizations: the Minnesota Historical Society Press, The Red Balloon Bookshop and The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library.  Was there anyone else tweeting from there? Let us know! We’d love to relive the night by getting your take on it. In the next few weeks, SPNN will be editing their footage from the gala for broadcast on TV and our annual DVD (which also includes interviews with the Award-winning authors), but until then, read local!

MHSPress’s tweets from the Minnesota Book Awards

–     All of MHS Press will celebrate the MN Book Awards this Saturday. Stop by our table to say Hi. If you aren’t going, we’ll be live-tweeting.

–     Video diary of author Scott Muskin preparing for MN Book Awards this Saturday. http://scottmuskin.com/

–     Tonight the Minnesota Book Awards. We’ll be cheering for all things literary and, of course, our five nominated MHS Press/Borealis authors.

–     Meet Cary Griffith, Joy Lintelman, Iric Nathanson, and Nicole Kelby before the MBAs. Kevin Kling is out of town but will be there in spirit!

–     Last year’s best acceptance speech by a writer might be Kao Kalia Yang but the writers with the best fans were Heid and Louise Erdrich.

–     Minn Book Awards are packed! Jam packed, and full of good-looking lit types! Huzzah!

–     "I would pay money to see Colin Firth play Kevin Kling in a movie." From the opening act of the awards.

–     The literary community raises a toast in honor of Will Powers. We miss him so much.

–     At table 37 we have fine plates of gourmet desserts, golden books as centerpiece, and champagne. Nice job Friends of the St Paul Libraries.

–     Woot! Woot! Joy Lintelman wins Book Award and thanks former MHS veteran editor Marilyn Ziebarth.

–     It’s always a treat to listen to the Irish poets brought in from the Center for Irish Studies. Theo Dorgan no exception.

–     Cary Griffith wins for nonfiction/MN. We are so pleased–and this book deserves it. He and editor in chief Ann Regan worked so hard on it.

–     It’s not our book but we like to think Dave Kenney is our guy. Congrats on winning the Reader’s Choice Award, Dave.

Red Balloon Books’ tweets from the Minnesota Book Awards

–     We’re at the Minnesota Book Awards!

–     This is exciting!

–     MN Masterpieces working in all the titles or authors into their spiel

–     Congrats to Carolyn Holbrook, Kay Sexton honoree, founder, among other things, of SASE the Write Place

–     "No one has made the literary community accessible to everybody"

–     I didnt realize how much of my literary life has been due to Carolyn’s commitment and action

–     "Who do you want to be while you do what you want to do?"

–     Congrats to winner Kate DiCamillo, Young People’s Literature!

–     And our congrats to winner of award for Children’s Literature, Joyce Sidman!

–     That’s Joyce.

–     "I can think of no better job than trying to capture joy on paper."

–     I love being in a room full of people who love books!

–     Kate’s award accompanied by "Baby Elephant Walk." Joyce’s by "Rainbow connection."

–     The Minnesota Book Awards is a great event. Our thanks to @thefriends, Friends of the St. Paul Public Library!

Thefriends’ tweets from the Minnesota Book Awards

–     There’s a buzz in the air. We should have a red carpet for all the celebs arriving (to this word nerd anyway). Maybe next year.

–     8:00. Do you know where your awards are?

–     Opening salvo: Joseph Scrimshaw’s ridiculous and silly homage to the "Minnesota Masterpieces" – Alistair Cooke would be RIGL.

–     Before any awards, a moving tribute to Will Powers, book designer and friend to many, who died too young and unexpectedly last year.

–     Andrea Gilats presents Kay Sexton Award to Carolyn Holbrook who’s like literary connective tissue. We’re lucky to have her in our community

–     Holbrook: "Who will I be as I do what I do?" a great driving question…

–     First category award – Genre Fiction – goes to Jelly’s Gold by David Housewright. That was a tough group. I love a good mystery.

–     Housewright tells a funny story about shopping on the north shore. All Kent Krueger all the time (they don’t care for TC fiction up there)

–     General Nonfiction Award for I Go to America: Swedish American Women and the Life of Mina Anderson by Joy K. Lintelman.

–     Young Peoples Literature Award for Kate DiCamillo (yay!) and The Magician’s Elephant. An appealing book for all ages. She’s a rockstar.

–     How many times has she won these and other awards? I know she won a couple Newbery awards – a medal and an honor…

–     Children’s Lit goes to Joyce Sidman for Red Sings from Treetops. She’s done this before, too. I can’t imagine it ever gets old, though.

–     Red Sings also won the Caldecott. Minnesota is such a hotbed of talent!

–     Taking a break from awards for a little Irish wisdom & poetry by Theo Dorgan. Damn! I love an Irish voice. Garcon! more champagne!

–     Heid Erdrich presenting award for poetry. Goes to Jude Nutter – I Wish I Had a Heart like Yours Walt Whitman. Nutter won 2 years ago, too.

–     Jude is not here to accept. Stuck in Marlborough, Massachussets. Oh geez, did I dare to spell that?

–     MN Book Artist Chip Schilling. Nice work.

–     Thanking wife Trish and friends at Ampersand Club. Short and sweet.

–     Spelunk! Minnesota Award goes to Opening Goliath: Danger & Discovery in Caving by Cary J. Griffith. Lots of drama underground.

–     Kao Kalia Yang: "the MN Book Award allows young people to dream of possibilities…."

–     Award for Memoir & Creative Nonfiction for Kent Nerburn, The Wolf at Twilight an Indian Elder’s Journey through a Land of Ghosts and Shadows

–     Wolf at Twilight a powerful and amazing story. Kent is funny and self deprecating in his acceptance.

–     Wang Ping: "Great to be back. This is like a family reunion. We’re all connected by books."

–     Award for Novel and Short Story for Marlon James’ The Book of Night Women. A great voice… He should narrate the audiobook!

–     Mary Ann Grossmann has been at Pioneer Press for 50 years!!

–     Readers’ Choice Award goes to… Honor Bright: A Century of Scouting. Did they recruit all MN scouts to vote? Just kidding! Nice book…

–     His father was an Eagle Scout but all Kent did was a year of cub Scouts. Will this make up for that shortcoming?

–     Kit Hadley: “…this room filled with partisans of reading and artisans of language.” Niiice…

–     Awesome night. Fun, fun, fun. Congrats to all the winners and finalists. Almost everyone spoke to possibilities. C’mon, young ones, write!

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