32 Books in 32 Days – Day 19: Journeywell – A Guide to Quality Aging

Each day leading up to the April 17 announcement of the 22nd Annual Minnesota Book Awards, we highlight one of the thirty-two finalists. Today, we feature


General Nonfiction Finalist,
Journeywell: A Guide to Quality Aging
Trish Herbert

Excerpt from Journeywell: A Guide to Quality Aging:

In order to find life meaningful, it is important to believe that our later years are as valuable as our earlier ones. It is a time of continued growth and can be a time of great deepening. It is important to affirm this later stage of life and encourage the accompanying ways of thinking and being that promote self-appreciation. A major hindrance to positive aging is continuing to equate only paid work with self-worth thus diminishing the value of worthy avocations such as reading, traveling, volunteering, and caregiving, or the small but mighty deeds like being kind to your next-door neighbor. Life is likely to become meaningless and empty for those who can’t expand their thinking about what constitutes basic self-worth. It is important to attribute new, positive meaning to getting older and to question and stop tolerating the deeply ingrained societal adoration of youth and negativity toward age. All stages of life have merit and problems. – Trish Herbert

Trish Herbert’s book is composed of seven thoughtful and unique chapters to help guide the reader to realize who they are, what has been most important in their life and how to create a rewarding existence for what is left of life. It also explores ideas of the afterlife and planning for your final days on earth.


Trish Herbert attended Carleton College and is a licensed psychologist who received her PhD in her mid-fifties with a specialization in gerontology. As a psychologist she worked with older adults and their families, facilitated caregiver, grief, and support groups, and now, semi-retired, does some volunteering, teaching, and counseling. living in Minneapolis with her husband.


“Every page conveys useful, practical information on aging and dying. No sentimentality, canned advice, or platitudes. A wise, compassionate, thorough guide for people determined to make the end of life as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. The practical exercises far surpass those found in most self-help books.” – Minnesota Book Awards Judge

“If you’re ready to grow and explore the challenges and changes in your life, you’ll find Journeywell: The Guide to Quality Aging is warm and wise. The conversational tone of the book puts the reader at ease, while Trish Herbert’s many years of experience offers valuable insights for thought and action. This workbook is a sensitive, down to earth approach to growth and change in mid-life and the years beyond.” – Connie Goldman, author of The Ageless Spirit and Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer

“…Journeywell is all about wrestling with your destiny and shaping it to your own ends. It’s about living fully in the moment. This is a book that can change your life, maybe even save it—who knows? Above all it’s about not squandering your energies on fear and despair, for aging is the universal human condition, and those who have the will to reframe can find new meaning and spirit in it.” – Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People


Award winners will be announced at the 22nd Annual Minnesota Book Awards Gala on Saturday, April 17, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in downtown Saint Paul. The opening reception begins at 6:30 p.m.; followed by the awards ceremony at 8 p.m. Tickets are $40 and are available by clicking here or calling 651-222-3242.

Have you read Journeywell: The Guide to Quality Aging? What are your thoughts? We welcome your comments!

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