32 Books in 32 Days

The Minnesota Book Awards (MNBA) will announce the winners of its annual awards on Saturday, April 17 in Saint Paul, Minnesota at the 22nd Annual Minnesota Book Awards Gala. It will begin counting down the days until that event by posting mini reviews of every finalist in the running: 32 Books in 32 Days. Beginning March 16, and with a nod to the National Book Critics Circle, we’ll highlight on a daily basis the thirty-two books selected as 2009 finalists for the 22nd Annual Minnesota Book Awards. A full list of the finalists can be found here.


For the Minnesota Book Awards, there are four finalists in each of eight categories, and they’ll be reviewed and highlighted on the blog in random order. One day might feature a memoir, the next could be poetry, genre fiction, or a category unique to our state book awards program: Minnesota.  That random element will make the blog more surprising for its readers and fairer to the finalists, as visitors may click through to TwinCities.com to vote for the Readers’ Choice Award anytime during March 2010. The 32 Books in 32 Days blog will continue from March 16 through April 16, building excitement about the gala and celebrating the rich literary legacy of Minnesota. But we won’t stop there – come back again often, as we plan to highlight Award-winning authors and finalists in the news, here in Minnesota and around the world.

The idea of reading 32 books in 32 days might be overwhelming, but 32 book reviews in 32 days? That’s a good idea worth emulating.


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